Smell gas or have a power outage?

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800-276-2722 customerservice@ugi.com

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Electric Safety

Your Safety is Our Top Priority
Electric Safety

To report a power outage, call 800-276-2722 and select option 2. 

Please review these important tips and information to keep you safe.

Safety reminders if you’re experiencing a power outage:

  • If you know elderly people who are without power and need aid, please contact us at 800-276-2722
  • If you depend on medical equipment for life-support, we recommend you purchase a back-up power supply or arrange to stay with family or friends. In a major outage, we may not be able to restore your power quickly enough to meet your priority needs.
  • If you are without power, please turn off all lights, turn off and unplug appliances and make sure water faucets are turned off. Once power is restored, ensure all appliances are operating properly, then power on/plug in appliances.
  • Review our tips on Preparing for a Power Outage.