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What To Do If You Smell Gas

safety-tipsThis winter season, UGI reminds customers that, as with any energy source, it is important to be aware of telltale signs that natural gas is present where it shouldn’t be – and what to do about it.

Mercaptan, a chemical that smells much like rotten eggs, is added to naturally odorless natural gas so it can be detected.


WHAT TO DO if you smell gas:

  • Immediately leave the building or area where you smell gas; take everyone and pets with you.
  • Leave the door open, if possible, and go to a safe location where you can no longer smell gas.
  • Call UGI’s gas emergency line – (800) 276-2722 – or 911 from a safe location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you smell natural gas indoors, outdoors or near a gas meter.


  • DO NOT use phones, computers or other electrical appliances if a smell of gas is present.
  • DO NOT touch electrical outlets, switches or doorbells.
  • DO NOT smoke, use a lighter, matches or other open flame.
  • DO NOT operate vehicles or powered equipment where leaking gas may be present.
  • DO NOT try to re-light a pilot light.
  • DO NOT email UGI or post emergency notifications on our social media if you smell natural gas or suspect a natural gas leak. CALL UGI or call 911.
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until it has been inspected by a UGI technician.

Remember, there is no charge to you for UGI to respond to and investigate a natural gas odor, day or night. For more natural gas safety tips, visit


Win a Warm and Cozy Prize Pack from UGI

Spring is still two months away and Punxsutawney Phil is burrowed safe away for the season. With snow and ice still in the forecast, UGI wants to keep you warm and cozy this January with one of our Warm and Cozy prize pack.

All this week and next, we’re inviting you to share your warm and cozy wishes for the new year on Facebook and be entered to win one of our awesome prize packs.


Prize pack includes: UGI Sherpa blanket, two UGI mugs, and a box of hot chocolate

To enter, post a comment, photo, or message to our Facebook page ( sharing your warmest wishes for 2017.

One winner will be randomly selected and notified on Friday, January 20 and Friday, January 27, 2017. Each post counts as one entry and participants are eligible to make up to three comments per week.


This contest is limited to Facebook. Participants are allowed up to 3 entries per week. Contest runs from January 17 – 27, 2017. Winners will be randomly selected and notified at the end of each contest week. Please allow up to 15 business days to receive your prize.  



Seniors Receive LEDs from UGI

Senior citizens in the UGI Electric Division territory received some smart energy solutions thanks to a partnership with UGI’s Save Smart energy efficiency program. At food pantries and active adult centers throughout the electric territory, UGI donated LED light bulbs for residents to use in their homes.

“It’s a great way to give back to our communities while also proving easy-to-use energy and money saving solutions to those who may not know about UGI’s Save Smart programs,” said Tammy Albenzi, Analyst for the Electric Division Save Smart Programs.

Dallas Active Adult Center LEDs

In Dallas, senior residents select LEDs light bulbs for their homes thanks to a partnership with UGI’s Save Smart program.



At centers in Edwardsville (top photo) and Kingston, community members show off their new energy-saving LEDs.

Installing energy-efficient lighting continues to rank as the savings leader for residential customers. LEDs are an easy, low-cost way to save energy and money. To learn more about UGI’s energy efficiency programs for electric customers and to find local LED light bulb retailers, visit us online at


January Little Reader Pick

If I Were President by Catherine Steir

If I Were President by Catherine Steir

This January a new president will be sworn into office. To celebrate this exciting event in American History, we’ve chosen If I Were President as January’s Little Reader Pick.

Written by Catherine Stier and illustrated by Dyanne DiSalvo-Ryan, If I Were a President imagines what it would be like to be president of the United States through the eyes of children. The story also provides young readers with a sneak peek into life in the White House as well as the responsibilities that go along with being president.

At UGI Utilities, we are deeply committed to children’s literacy.  Studies have shown that children who are not reading at grade level by third grade will experience significant difficulties throughout their lives. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s business and government leaders, employees and customers.

little-reader-iconCheck back each month for new Little Reader picks and follow @UGIReads on Twitter for more book selections, author quotes, and tips and tricks to help your own little reader. Have a suggestion for a Little Reader Pick? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


UGI Employees Find Their Red Kettle Reason This Holiday Season

This holiday season, UGI employees came out in force to ring bells during the Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle campaign. Throughout communities across our service territory, UGI employees donated their time and cheer to encourage residents to donate to the seasonal campaign. In Harrisburg, Tammie Lowry, Community Relations Manager-West Region, was joined by several UGI employees to ring the bell on behalf of the Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region.


Lisa Ravenel, Supervisor Operations Support, and Tammie Lowry take a shift ring the red kettle bell in Harrisburg.



Tim Pramik, Supervisor C&M, is joined by Tammie Lowry outside Boscov’s at the Colonial Park Mall.

Nearly 30 million Americans receive assistance from the Salvation Army each year through a variety of social service programs, including food and shelter, disaster victim relief, assistance for the disabled, outreach to the elderly and ill, and opportunities for underprivileged children. The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign is run each Christmas season by volunteers throughout communities across the country. Last year, the campaign raised more than $140 million nationwide and filled 25,000 kettles.

To learn more about how you can volunteer or run your own Red Kettle campaign, visit:


January Featured Community Organization

op-house-logoDid you know more than 45 million Americans are living in poverty? Homelessness and hunger continue to be significant problems in our communities. This year in America, it is estimated more than 2.5 million children and their parents will experience homelessness.

UGI’s January Featured Community Organizations, Opportunity House and Family Promise, work to address these issues by providing emergency housing, meals, and support services to families in need in Berks County (Opportunity House), as well as Eastern Pennsylvania (Family Promise).

Since 1984, Opportunity House has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, families, and adults facing overwhelming obstacles. In addition to shelter, the multi-service organization also provides around-the-clock childcare, veterans assistance, and education services.

family-promise-logoEstablished in 1986, Family Promise has worked to improve the quality of life for children, families, and adults facing overwhelming obstacles. With affiliates located throughout the country, including locations in Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport, and Stroudsburg, Family Promise has provided 700,000 parents and children across the country with shelter, nutritious meals, and the comprehensive support necessary to help them achieve sustainable independence.

Learn more about Opportunity House and Family Promise and how you can make a difference in your community, visit us online at



Save Money on Your Utility Bill!

Looking for more ways to save energy around your home or office this winter? Follow these tips to reduce your energy usage and save money on your utility bill:

  • Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs and save up to 75% on your lighting costs.Idea concept with light bulbs on blue
  • Caulk around your window and door trim leading to the outside to seal up unwanted air leaks.
  • Run your ceiling fan in reverse during the winter time to force the warm air down from your ceiling into the living space.
  • Turn the TV off when no one is watching. Sorry, your pet does not count as someone watching!
  • Upgrade to low flow shower heads and faucets to cut back on your water usage and save on hot water bills.
  • Limit showers to less than 10 minutes for maximize savings.appreb
  • Upgrade your bathroom exhaust fan to an energy star certified model and use up to 60% less energy.
  • Do not charge your cell phone overnight. Once it is full of charge it is draining unnecessary electricity.
  • Install inexpensive outlet gaskets to seal up the air leaks coming in through your outlets.
  • Seal air leaks in your attic to prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
  • If you have less than 6” of insulation upgrade to 10-14” of insulation for maximum efficiency and comfort.Smart home control dashboard with male using smartphone at home in the background
  • Clean your lint trap between each dryer load to maximize air flow and efficiency of your dryer.
  • Wash your clothes with cold water and save up to $65 per year.


Have you entered for your chance to win a Visa gift card from UGI?

There’s still time to enter UGI’s Sustainable Santa gift card giveaway contest. Visit us on Facebook to share how you save energy around your home and be entered to win a $150 Visa gift card! And for more energy saving tips, visit us online at


UGI Customer Base Continues to Grow in Pennsylvania

GET Gas Program

GET Gas Program

More than 16,100 new residential and commercial customers were added by UGI’s three natural gas divisions – UGI Gas, Penn Natural Gas and Central Penn Gas – during the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. These additions include conversions from other fuels, new construction that incorporated natural gas service and residential customers who upgraded their service to natural gas heating. Growth in the number of commercial accounts nearly tied the previous year’s record-breaking increase.

UGI’s customer growth in fiscal year 2016 continues a multi-year trend. Over the past five years, UGI added approximately 85,000 new residential and commercial natural gas customers throughout its 45-county service territory. Locally produced, plentiful and lower-cost Marcellus Shale natural gas is helping spur this growth.

“Saving dollars is a huge incentive for homeowners and business owners alike,” said Robert Stoyko, UGI vice president of customer relations. “Where it’s available, switching to natural gas from more expensive fuels offers significant savings in energy costs.”

UGI’s marketing team is offering new ways to make switching to natural gas even more attractive. For example, in the past two years, UGI’s innovative GET Gas program has helped people located farther away from existing natural gas lines afford new gas main extensions by enabling them to pay over time – a cost that, for most customers, is offset by the reduction in fuel cost.

Recently, GET Gas made natural gas service available to 146 properties in the Lancaster area. Several soon-to-be-completed projects in Northumberland and Berks counties will extend gas lines to more than 1,200 properties that were previously unserved.

Home and business owners interested in converting to natural gas can call 800-276-2722 for more information or visit UGI’s website at


Win $150 from UGI’s Sustainable Santa

santapostYou better watch out … for UGI’s Sustainable Santa! From today until Wednesday, December 21, Sustainable Santa will be sharing energy saving tips at 11am on Facebook.

Each time you see a Sustainable Santa Energy Tip, share a comment of how you save energy for a chance to win a $150 Visa gift card.

Want an additional entry? Post a photo showing how you save energy for a second chance to win!

Looking for great ideas on how to save energy in your home? Click here to find great ways to save energy and money all year long!

Contest Rules:

  1. Enter by logging into your Facebook account and commenting on the UGI Utilities Facebook page about how you save energy around your home. One comment is one entry.
  2. Additional entries may be made by uploading a photo demonstrating how you save energy.
  3. Participants must be 18 years or older and legal residents of Pennsylvania or Maryland.

One lucky submission will be selected at random and the grand prize winner of the $150 Visa gift card will be announced via Facebook within five business days from the last entry period.

For full terms and conditions, please visit,

Have a question about UGI’s Sustainable Santa Sweepstakes? Email today!




Winter Is Coming: Are you ready?

transportation, winter, people and vehicle concept - closeup of man digging snow with shovel near car

Stay safe while in the snow with weather-appropriate clothing and footwear.

Winter is almost here and cold weather is blanketing the region. With snow in this weekend’s forecast, UGI would like to remind customers to be “winter Wise” and start preparing for the seasonal change.

  • Dress Appropriately: Layer thick, loose fitting clothing; wear a hat, scarf, or turtleneck sweater; and wear thick wool socks and insulated footwear.
  • Stay Healthy: Keep hydrated, and wash your hands frequently to avoid colds and the flu.
  • Walk with Caution: Shuffle your feet like a penguin while extending your arms to maintain balance when walking on slippery surfaces, and wear non-slip boots.
  • Be Prepared: Check your supply to make sure you have de-icing and snow removal materials, and keep walkways and steps clear of snow and ice. Keep a cold weather emergency preparedness kit in your home and vehicle.
  • Shovel Carefully: Lift with your legs, not your back. Know your limitations, and be aware of heart rate and blood pressure increase.
  • Exercise caution when driving, especially in winter conditions.

For more winter safety tips, visit us online at and follow us on Facebook for weekly safety tips.