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UGI Connections - Natural Gas

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Underground Pipe Safety: What About Gas Lines Beyond the Meter?

As your natural gas supplier, safety is a core value and top priority, which is why we want to educate you about customer-owned piping. UGI is responsible for maintaining the natural gas pipes that ru

UGI Social Team 23 May 2024
UGI Helps Fuel Lion Brewery’s Growth

A Pennsylvania brewery with a long history of making beer is now pumping out beverages of a different kind: carbonated drinks by the case. At least 60,000 cases of non-alcoholic drinks a day, includin

UGI Social Team 03 May 2024
Natural Gas
UGI Helps Fuel BQC Foundry’s Lebanon County Legacy

Natural gas is now fueling production and supporting growth at BQC Foundry. BQC is an aluminum foundry in Lebanon County that manufactures parts for the military, as well as the medical, automotive an

UGI Social Team 16 Feb 2024
Natural Gas
Start 2024 on the Right Foot: Check Your Appliances

UGI urges you to take several simple steps to ensure proper operation of natural gas-fired equipment and appliances to prevent a build-up of carbon monoxide (CO) inside your home this winter heating s

UGI Social Team 05 Jan 2024
Energy Hot Topics
Renewable Natural Gas: Breaking Motor Fuel Usage Records

For many years, UGI has been actively helping customers reduce their transportation carbon footprints by supporting natural gas vehicle (NGV) adoption by fleets. A report by Natural Gas Vehicles for A

UGI Social Team 14 Sep 2023
Natural Gas
Natural Gas: Your Natural Energy Value

No getting around it: you need energy to heat your home and hot water, cook family meals, and operate home appliances. As prices of all energy sources have experienced upward  pressure over the past

UGI Social Team 23 Feb 2023
Energy Hot Topics
UGI Fuels UPS’ Newest, Largest Natural Gas Fueling Station

UGI Utilities is pleased to serve UPS’ fourth largest U.S. distribution hub with clean and efficient natural gas. The recently-opened, nearly 800,000 square foot facility in Middletown is home to th

UGI Social Team 04 Oct 2022
Energy Resources
UGI Fuels Manufacturing with Clean, Efficient Natural Gas

When Bingaman & Son Lumber, Inc., a major supplier of hardwood in central Pennsylvania, and UGI began discussions about bringing natural gas to one of their facilities it initially seemed like a c

UGI Social Team 04 Oct 2022
Energy Hot Topics
UGI Continues Natural Gas Vehicle Adoption

UGI’s emissions reduction strategy includes replacing gasoline and diesel vehicles with natural gas vehicles (NGVs) — another step UGI is taking to lower its Scope I emissions. UGI currently opera

UGI Social Team 13 Sep 2022
Energy Hot Topics
UGI Serves H&K Group, Inc.’s New Easton Asphalt Facility

UGI Utilities is fueling H&K Group, Inc.’s (H&K’s) newest and most innovative asphalt facility, located adjacent to H&K’s Easton Quarry in Lower Mount Bethel Township, eastern Northa

UGI Social Team 17 Aug 2022
Energy Hot Topics
UGI Continues Natural Gas Vehicle Adoption

UGI’s emissions reduction strategy includes replacing gasoline and diesel vehicles with natural gas vehicles (NGVs) — another step UGI is taking to lower  its Scope I emissions. UGI operates a fl

UGI Social Team 27 Jun 2022
Natural Gas
Your UGI Bill Explained and Energy Savings Tips

Happy New Year! Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has ended, you might be ready to settle in for what’s expected to be a cold winter. Energy prices continue to rise in nearly

UGI Social Team 12 Jan 2022
In the News
UGI Serves Niagara Bottling’s New Luzerne County Plant

UGI Utilities has run natural gas service to the new Niagara Bottling plant, currently under construction and expected to begin production in the spring of 2022. The facility is located at the Humbold

UGI Social Team 16 Dec 2021
In the News
UGI Ready to Fuel New CANPACK Manufacturing Facility

UGI continues to help Pennsylvania communities attract new businesses and good-paying jobs thanks to affordable, clean and reliable natural gas. CANPACK Group’s new facility in Olyphant Borough, Lac

UGI Social Team 20 Jul 2021
Customer Service
What Communities Should Expect During UGI Construction

UGI’s highest priority during construction is safety. In advance of any planned UGI projects, notification is provided regarding construction schedules to residents of the communities where UGI proj

UGI Social Team 03 May 2021
Energy Hot Topics
Helping Hershey Medical Center Increase its Efficiency

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center must be able to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including during extreme weather. The facility handles more than 23,000 surgi

UGI Social Team 26 Apr 2021
Energy Hot Topics
Fueling Hospitals Across Pennsylvania

There are approximately 190 community hospitals in Pennsylvania, according to the American Hospital Association. Many of these hospitals, and numerous other health care facilities, are UGI customers a

UGI Social Team 22 Apr 2021
Customer Service
Get Help with Your Energy Bills

Don’t get left out in the cold. UGI is here to help! UGI is committed to helping customers in need who make a sincere effort to pay their energy bills through a variety of customer assistance progra

UGI Social Team 09 Mar 2021
Energy Hot Topics
UGI Joins Methane Emissions Reduction Coalition

UGI Corporation’s Natural Gas Businesses group, made up of affiliates UGI Utilities and UGI Energy Services, have joined the coalition Our Nation’s Energy Future (ONE Future). With UGI’s members

UGI Social Team 01 Mar 2021
We Are UGI: Celebrating Our Engineers

National Engineers Week is celebrated February 21-27, 2021. Each year, this week calls attention to the contributions engineers make to our society and raises awareness about the role they play in man

UGI Social Team 21 Feb 2021
Energy Hot Topics
Better for your Business, Better for the Environment

Many small to medium-sized businesses are saving hundreds of dollars a year or more on their overall energy costs by switching to natural gas, including Marywood University in Scranton, PA. As part of

UGI Social Team 08 Feb 2021
Natural Gas
Smell Gas? Act Fast!

If you smell rotten eggs, it could be a natural gas leak. It’s important to teach your family what to do if anyone ever smells natural gas. Here are ways to use your senses to identify danger: Your

UGI Social Team 01 Feb 2021
Energy Hot Topics
UGI Fuels Willow Valley’s New Operations Service Center

UGI Utilities is pleased to support the growing energy needs of Lancaster’s award-winning Willow Valley Communities and to help keep energy costs affordable for its residents. For years, the over-55

UGI Social Team 04 Jan 2021