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Advantages of Natural Gas
Gas for Homes

Discover the Many Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas from UGI is an efficient source of energy that is reliable, affordable and easy on the environment.

The cost stays low and stable, because it is a “home-grown” energy, with 96% of natural gas consumed in the U.S. produced in this country.

To enjoy the comfort, warmth and savings of natural gas in your home, first let’s find out if natural gas is available in your area then extend the many uses of natural gas throughout your home.

On average, customers who heat with natural gas save hundreds of dollars per year over oil, propane or electric. For customized annual cost comparisons for natural gas versus other fuels, refer to UGI’s home savings calculator

Natural gas also, historically, has had more price stability than oil. You only pay for the energy you use, after you use it. To make gas even more affordable, we offer a budget billing plan, allowing you to space out your payments throughout the year.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. When used for water and space heating, cooking and clothes drying, natural gas creates about 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions versus electric. 

  • Annual carbon emissions are reduced by 66% by switching from oil heat to natural gas; 166% by switching from electric heat to natural gas.
  • Coal and oil, when combusted, release higher levels of harmful emissions, including carbon, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide.
  • The main products of combustion—CO2 and water vapor—are the same compounds we exhale when we breathe.
  • According to the Site vs. Source measure of efficiency, which measures efficiency from the point of production (i.e., natural gas wellhead) to the site (i.e., natural gas burner tip in your kitchen), 93% of the natural gas produced is delivered to the customer as usable energy (compared to 32% of energy used to generate electricity from coal).
  • Provides critical back-up to intermittent energy sources, such as wind and solar.
  • Improves air quality in the home

Natural gas is one of the most abundant and widely available domestically produced resources in the United States. In particular, the Marcellus Shale continues to help keep the supply of natural gas plentiful.