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Rate Filing

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Rate Filing

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, UGI Utilities – Gas Division has requested an overall distribution rate increase of $74.6 million per year.

Please use the links on this page to view the notice to customers, as well as the documents filed with the PUC by UGI Utilities – Gas Division on January 28.

The filing can also be viewed by searching for Docket Number R-2019-3015162 on the Pennsylvania Utility Commission Website.

Book I

Index, Statements, and Standard Data Requests
Book I Attachments

Book II

Supplemental Data Responses: Cost of Service, Rate of Return and Revenue Requirement
Book II Attachments

Book III

Direct Testimony Nos. 1-5

Book IV

Direct Testimony Nos. 6-10

Book V

Exhibits A, B, & E

Book VI

Exhibit C: Depreciation Study - Fully Projected 2021

Book VII

Exhibit C: Depreciation Study - Future 2020


Exhibit C: Depreciation Study - Historic 2019

Book IX

Exhibit D: Cost of Service Study

Book X

Current Tariffs

Book XI

Proposed Supplement No. 6