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How to Switch to Gas in PA and MD

  1. Natural Gas Heating for Homes
  2. How to Switch to Gas in PA and MD

Making the Switch to Natural Gas is Easy.

Watch the following video to find out how to switch to gas from UGI:

Simply follow these easy steps to enjoy the cost savings and efficiency of natural gas:

  1. Check for gas availability: The first step is to find out if natural gas is available at your property.
  2. Calculate your cost savings: Next, see how much you could be saving based on your home’s attributes and your personal energy usage with our home savings calculator.
  3. Explore available rebates: Once you realize how much money you could be saving, browse UGI rebates offered for the installation of energy efficient equipment.
  4. Select a contractor: Contact an HVAC contractor to install your natural gas appliance(s) and connect your appliances to the meter. Use a contractor of your preference or use our HVAC contractor locator to help you find UGI Partner contractors in your area.

Wondering What to Expect Next?

Click here to see what happens once you decide to make the switch to natural gas or call 800-276-2722 (option 4) to speak with a UGI gas conversion specialist to walk you through the gas line installation process.