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Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA)

  1. Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA)

On Thursday, September 15, 2022, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) approved UGI Utilities, Inc., – Gas Division’s (UGI) use of a Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA) in the context of a five-year pilot program.

Customer bills rendered from October through May during each year of the pilot may reflect a WNA. The WNA is a way natural gas distribution companies can make gas bills more predictable during periods of extreme temperatures. 

A bill is impacted by the WNA under these circumstances and will see the following:

  • If temperatures are by more than 3 percent colder than normal in a given month, customers will receive a credit on their bill.
  • If temperatures are by more than 3 percent warmer than normal in a given month, customers will receive a surcharge on their bill.
  • In months of normal weather, bills will not have an adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the adjustment be shown on my bill?

The WNA only affects the “Distribution Charges” portion of the bill, not the “Commodity Charge” and will be reflected on customer bills as a “Weather Normalization Adjustment.”

When will this adjustment be in effect?

The WNA shall commence with bills rendered on and after November 1, 2022 and will only be applied from October through May of each year.

What customers are affected by the WNA?

The WNA affects Residential and Non-Residential gas customers under Rate Schedules R (General Service Residential), RT (General Service Residential Transportation), N (General Service Non-Residential) and NT (General Service Non-Residential Transportation). UGI Electric customers are not affected by this action.

Is this a permanent change?

The Weather Normalization Adjustment is a five-year pilot program and will be reevaluated in five years.

Why did UGI request the WNA?

It addresses variances in weather-related usage that differ from normal weather conditions by stabilizing utility revenue and customer distribution charges.

You may examine the PUC’s Order, which explains the PUC’s approval of UGI’s WNA at Docket No. R-2021-3030218 on the Pennsylvania Utility Commission Website.