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Outage Center

Outage Center

If you are experiencing a power outage or electricity emergency, please call 800-276-2722 – option 2 immediately.

If a significant weather event causes damage to our electric system resulting in power outages, UGI’s Storm Response Team is prepared. As soon as it is safe, crews are deployed to restore service to affected customers as quickly as possible.

If you are without power:

  • Call UGI at 800-276-2722 to report the outage, including any outage-related emergencies such as downed power lines. For your safety and to ensure your issues are addressed as soon as possible, please do not use social media or email to report outages or electrical emergencies.
  • If you know elderly people who are without power and need aid, please contact us at 800-276-2722
  • If you depend on medical equipment for life-support, we recommend you purchase a back-up power supply or arrange to stay with family or friends.
  • UGI’s primary concern is always the safety of our customers and crews. During an outage, please be mindful of the following safety information:
    • If you see downed power lines, stay away from them and call UGI Electric as soon as possible. Always presume lines are energized and dangerous no matter what they look like. Coming in contact with a power line (or object it is touching) can result in serious injury or death.
    • Check your home: Turn off and unplug all lights, appliances, and electronic equipment. Make sure water faucets are turned off.
    • Never use a gas-powered range or oven to heat a home.
    • Use flashlights instead of candles to prevent the risk of fire.

UGI Electric Outage Map

This map provides details about the areas and number of UGI Electric customers currently impacted by electric outages. Outage information, including locations and number of customers affected, is updated every 15 minutes*. Be sure to refresh your browser to view the most updated information.

*Numbers on this map do not always reflect isolated outages that may have been caused by damage to an individual service wire. 

Without power? stay connected.

We are committed to keeping our customers informed during an outage by providing safety information and outage restoration updates as soon as the information is available.

For real-time, ongoing restoration updates and important safety information from UGI, check this site often and follow UGI on Facebook and Twitter.