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Operation Share

A Community-Based Customer Assistance Program
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Since 1983, the Operation Share Energy Fund has provided energy assistance grants to qualified customers who experience difficulty paying their heating bills.

The Fund became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2005. This community-based program is funded by voluntary donations from UGI employees, UGI customers and concerned citizens. In addition, UGI provides a corporate donation to help fund the program.

UGI personnel work with over 21 agencies to administer Operation Share funds. Operation Share is a supplement to federal or state energy assistance programs, not a replacement.

Operation Share Energy Fund Overview

In fiscal year 2018*, Operation Share donations totaled $124,287.20 and helped 1,352 households.

100% of every dollar donated goes directly to a needy household.
Operation Share Chart
Company Contribution
Matching Contribution**
UGI South$38,500$38,500
UGI Electric$10,000$10,000
UGI North$22,000$22,000
UGI Central$12,000$12,000

*Fiscal year is October 1 through September 30

**Donations by concerned citizens, customers and employees are matched each year.

Operation Share Household Income

200% Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Members
Annual Income
Monthly Income
Weekly Income
1 $24,980 $1,561 $360
2 $33,820 $2,114 $488
3 $42,660 $2,666 $615
4 $51,500 $3,219 $743
5 $60,340 $3,771 $870
6 $69,180 $4,324 $998
7 $78,020 $4,876 $1,125
8 $86,860 $5,429 $1,253
Above 8 +$8,840/person +$553/person +$127/person
In the Last Nine Years,
This Program Has Had:


in cash donations from employees, fundraisers and concerned citizens


in company donations


customers approved for a grant

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