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Restrict Your Account Information

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  2. Restrict Your Account Information

Rules of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) permit disclosure of your customer account information
unless you choose to prevent disclosure.

Under the Natural Gas and Electric Choice Programs, you have the option to buy natural gas or electricity from UGI or an alternate supplier. Regardless of your supplier choice, UGI will be your energy distribution company, delivering your natural gas or electricity. UGI will also continue to provide meter reading and 24-hour emergency response, and will maintain the local distribution systems that serve you. 

If you specifically notify us that you do not want your customer account information shared, your customer account information will not be shared with third parties, including natural gas and electricity supply companies licensed by the PUC to operate in Pennsylvania. Please note: UGI will not release your phone number under any circumstances.

Information that UGI may provide to third parties unless you choose to prevent such disclosure includes your name, billing address, service address, billing rate code, account number and natural gas or electricity usage information. Suppliers cannot use this information to switch your natural gas or electric supply service without your consent.

If you do not want UGI to give your customer information to suppliers or other third parties, or you want to reverse your prior election to exclude such information, please select the applicable boxes below and click the SUBMIT button.

You should submit one form for each unique account number for which information should be restricted.