Customer Account and Billing FAQ - UGI Utilities
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Billing FAQ's

How do I get assistance in understanding my utility bill?
What are the ways by which I can pay my bill?
Are there automated payment options to pay my bill?
What is the Budget Billing Plan?
Am I able to extend my payment date?
Is there assistance for customers who are temporarily unable to pay their utility bill?
How do I update my contact information?
How do I start or stop my service?
Can I view my utility usage and past bills/payments online?
Am I able to get alerts when my bill is due?
How can I save money in the future?
How do I change or reset my online account password?
What do I do if I experience log-in problems on
How do I pay online using my credit or debit card?
Where can I find my bank routing number?
If multiple addresses are registered with a single online account, how can I view the related information of each address?
Why is my bill higher than normal?
How do I download the UGI My Account app?
My UGI bill should be exempt from PA State Tax. Why is there tax reflected on the bill?
How do I find the average amount of natural gas I use per day?
What is the difference between distribution and commodity charges?