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UGI Fuels Willow Valley’s New Operations Service Center

04 Jan 2021

UGI Utilities is pleased to support the growing energy needs of Lancaster’s award-winning Willow Valley Communities and to help keep energy costs affordable for its residents.

For years, the over-55 community had used a third-party vendor for their laundry services. But with Willow Valley experiencing exponential growth, they envisioned an on-site facility to meet their needs.

Their vision, and much more, was realized a few months ago. By the time the new construction project was completed in May 2020, the laundry facility vision had grown into a 30,000-square-foot Operations Service Center. The Center not only includes a state-of-the- art laundry, but also houses the grounds team, the transportation department, and warehouse space.

To support the project, UGI installed more than 2,700 feet of medium pressure main to serve the Center.

Clean natural gas fuels five dryers, a commercial ironer, and the building’s water heating and space heating. Willow Valley Communities also installed hot water piping in the car wash bay flooring area to prevent winter ice buildup.

UGI has served Willow Valley Communities for many years and is working with them on additional planned expansion projects over the next several years.

To learn more about how UGI can help reduce your operational costs as well as reduce your impact on the environment, visit https://prod.ugi.info/gas-for-business/.