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Understanding Your Gas Bill

09 Mar 2023

We understand closely evaluating the components of your energy bill is probably not at the top of your to-do list. With recent increases in global energy prices, you may be taking a closer look at your bill to understand the factors that influence your overall energy cost. To help you, here’s a breakdown of the charges that make up your total bill.

The cost of your bill is determined by:
• Commodity Charge: This is the charge for the actual amount of energy you consume. For natural gas, it is presented in CCF (hundred cubic feet). As of December 1, 2022, the commodity component accounts for about 54% of your energy bill. UGI purchases natural gas from producers and re-sells it to customers at the same price.

• Distribution and Customer Charges: As of December 1, 2022, about 46% of each residential bill is for the delivery and service costs to upgrade and maintain our natural gas facilities and to ensure we are delivering natural gas in a safe, reliable manner. Customers have an opportunity to weigh in on this decision during publicly held hearings.

Effective November 2022, customer bills rendered annually from October through May could reflect a Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA). The WNA makes your gas bill more predictable during periods of extreme temperatures. If a WNA was assessed during the billing period, there will be a
line called “Weather Normalization Adjustment” with the associated amount of the credit or charge. This will appear in the “Current Bill Information”
section located near the top of the bill.

For more information please visit www.ugi.com/BillExplained. Customers who are struggling to make on-time payments are encouraged to contact our Customer Care Team at 800-276-2722 so they can review your account and provide options.