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UGI Natural Gas Bills Dropping Again in March

01 Mar 2024

UGI Utilities customers are seeing the second rate decrease this winter heating season.

Beginning on March 1, the average residential heating customer receiving gas supply from UGI will see a bill decrease of 3%, lowering the average monthly bill from $93.96 per month to $91.04 per month. This follows a December drop that was the largest decrease in gas costs in more than a decade.

The change is because of a purchase gas cost decrease for UGI. In simple terms, the cost of gas supply continued to fall this winter and UGI passes the cost it pays directly to customers without mark up. The next time supply costs could impact customer bills is June.

Customers will see the savings on the “Commodity Charge” portion of a bill. The other portion of a bill, the distribution portion, will not be impacted by lower gas costs. The distribution portion contributes directly towards the maintenance of UGI’s natural gas facilities, ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas.

For customers who consider their options when it comes to choosing a natural gas supplier, the price to compare has decreased to $0.41369/ccf. For a step-by-step guide on customer choice when it comes to gas and electric suppliers, visit https://www.ugi.com/choice/supplier-information.