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Renewable Natural Gas Video Transcript

  1. Renewable Natural Gas Video Transcript

UGI has a long history of offering unique energy solutions to meet our customers’ changing wants and needs. Safe, reliable and affordable energy solutions for now and into the future are a necessity.

UGI employs a number of initiatives that support our commitment to sustainability. One of the most recent exciting projects is Renewable Natural Gas, or RNG.

RNG is a low or zero-carbon energy that comes from the breakdown of organic materials from sources like agriculture, animal manure, landfills, food waste, and wastewater

By capturing methane that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere or flared as a wasted resource, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions while preserving the quality of the air we breathe.

The captured molecules go through a thorough process to meet UGI gas quality specifications. Then, they are added directly into UGI pipelines. As a customer, there is no need to make any changes to your appliances in order to start using Renewable Natural Gas.

RNG is fully interchangeable with traditional natural gas and is delivered to homes and businesses using natural gas pipes. RNG is ready to meet your energy needs and can even be used to generate electricity and as a transportation fuel.

Renewable natural gas is more reliable and readily available than other renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Solar and wind are dependent on weather and time of day and have limited storage capability.

Renewable natural gas comes from local sources, supporting rural economic development, improving waste management practices, and expanding energy diversity in PA.

When at full capacity, UGI’s largest RNG source, Keystone Landfill in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 314,000 metric tons per year, roughly equating to removing 67,000 passenger vehicles from the road annually.

UGI continues to be a leading provider of energy solutions that meet the environmental and social needs of our customers and communities. RNG is one of several key initiatives that show the UGI commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible way. We want to provide the energy to do more to future generations.