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Natural Gas Furnaces and Boilers

Economical and Powerful Heat that Never Runs Out
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Value Meets Comfort

On average, half of your home’s energy costs are attributed to heating. Natural gas heating systems cost less to operate than other fuels. Regardless of where you live, natural gas is the most economical choice, which is why most home buyers across the country prefer natural gas.


Heat from a natural gas furnace feels warm and cozy. That’s because the air is approximately 25 degrees warmer than the heat produced by an electric heat pump.


Today’s gas furnaces are up to 99% efficient. Oil heating systems, by contrast, can reach maximum efficiency levels of only 87%.


In most areas, a high-efficiency gas furnace costs up to 60% less to operate than a standard oil heating system and up to 40% less than an electric heat pump or electric furnace.


Natural gas furnaces are highly durable. On average, a natural gas furnace will last six years longer than an electric heat pump and five years longer than an oil furnace.


Natural gas furnaces and boilers do not require expensive back-up or supplemental systems.


Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available. Compared to an electric heat pump or electric furnace, a natural gas heating system emits up to 65% less carbon, reduces nitrous oxide emissions by up to 81% and virtually eliminates sulfur oxide emissions.