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Gas Commercial Kitchen Equipment

  1. Using Natural Gas for Businesses
  2. Gas Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Start Cooking with UGI Natural Gas

Precise temperature control and even heat distribution mean better-prepared, tastier food. Probably why 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas (per the Professional Chef’s Association).


A natural gas range is an oven and cooktop, all in one convenient package, available in a variety of widths. Natural gas cooktops provide flexibility with different burner sizes, including a power burner. Most important, gas cooktops allow more precise heat control. Plus, sealed burners are easier to clean up (which saves labor dollars).

Deep Fat Fryers

Available in floor model and countertop styles, deep fat fryers are a popular component in commercial kitchens.


Bake, broil or baste . . . a natural gas oven lets you do it all. Plus, you can control the heat for flawless cooking! Many styles and widths are available.

Gas Booster Water Heaters

Natural gas booster water heaters heat water to 180 degrees F, which reduces the amount of chemicals required for sanitation and sterilization of utensils and dishes. Compared to other alternatives, natural gas booster water heaters cost about 45-50% less to operate than electric, have shorter cycle times, are environmentally friendly and use less water.