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About All Floors Testimonial Video Transcript

  1. About All Floors Testimonial Video Transcript

I’m Kelly Heffner. My husband Tom and I own About All Floors. We’re located in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. We’re a full-service flooring store. We service Berks County, Montgomery County and Chester County. Prior to the natural gas, we were heating the building with propane heaters. So that was not very convenient for us. We were unable to regulate the temperature. It wasn’t working well so we needed to find another option. Comfort and efficiency was very important to us. We had just put in a new warehouse. It’s a metal building. It’s 5,000 square feet. The employees in our warehouse are so much happier now that we have natural gas because when you’re cold, you’re not effective. And now that this temperature is consistent, it’s easier for them. We can focus on the tasks at hand. There’s no maintenance required. It runs itself. And that’s very important because there are many other things that we need to do during the day. So, it’s extremely efficient. It’s made a tremendous change in our warehouse. For us, it’s been a very positive experience.