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Act 50 Underground Utility Line Protection Law

AKA PA One Call Law

  1. Act 50 Underground Utility Line Protection Law

Section 5.15

When the information required from the facility owner under [clause (5)(i) of section 2] section 2(5)(i) cannot be provided or, due to the nature of the information received from the facility owner, it is reasonably necessary for the excavator to ascertain the precise location of any line or abandoned or unclaimed lines by prudent techniques, which may include hand-dug test holes, vacuum excavation or other similar devices, the excavator shall promptly notify the project owner or the project owner’s representative, either orally or in writing. If oral notification is given, the notice shall be reduced to writing within a reasonable time by the project owner or excavator. After giving such notice, the excavator shall be entitled to compensation from the project owner for this additional work as provided in the latest edition of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Form 408 specifications for extra work performed on a force account basis. The provisions of this subsection shall not be deemed to limit any other rights which the excavator has under its contract with the project owner or otherwise. Provisions in any contract, public or private, which attempt to limit the rights of excavators under this section shall not be valid for any reason, and any attempted waiver of this section shall be void and unenforceable as against public policy and any such attempted waiver shall be reported to the [department] commission.