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The Smell, The Call, and What to Know About Both

24 Jan 2024

If you suspect a natural gas leak, the most important thing to do is to evacuate immediately. Once you are a safe distance away from the building – the length of a football field – it is also important to report the possible leak by calling 911 or UGI at 800-276-2722.

Your Nose Knows the Smell

Your first indication there may be a leak is likely smell. There’s an additive in natural gas that gives it a rotten egg smell. You smell gas, act fast! After evacuating, reporting the smell is the next step in making sure you are safe. UGI investigates all reports of potential leaks. A call doesn’t cost you, but it could save your life.

 Knowing What Not to Do Can Keep You Safe

When you must evacuate, always remember: Do not try to investigate the leak yourself. Do not do anything that could cause a spark, like turning on or off a light switch, using your cell phone inside, or using a garage door opener. Do not start a vehicle. Just get out!

What Happens After You Call

UGI treats every report of a gas smell as an emergency. When you call, UGI will ask your location, your name, and your phone number. You will also be asked where you think the possible leak is, how long you’ve smelled gas, if you saw a ruptured gas line, and if you heard any blowing, hissing, roaring, whistling, or bubbling noises. You should never go back inside to better answer these questions. You will also be asked to stay at the location, still maintaining a safe distance, so when a service technician arrives, they can have access to the property.

When is it Safe?

When a service technician arrives, the priority is to make the situation safe. That involves investigating the potential source of the odor.  If a natural gas leak is found, the technician will make the area safe prior to providing re-entry to the building.  It is important to never reenter the building until the technician provides the ok to go back in.

UGI is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and affordable service. Always remember if you smell gas, act fast! Evacuate. Call 911 or UGI at 800-276-2722.