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UGI Advances its Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Imperative

28 Apr 2021

Launched in 2020, UGI’s Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (BIDE) Imperative aligns UGI’s core values of safety, integrity, respect, responsibilities,  reliability, and excellence with UGI’s leadership team’s actions and employees’ day-today experiences.

BIDE provides the blueprint for achieving greater diversity of thought, experience, culture, gender, race, and sexual orientation throughout UGI Corporation and its affiliated businesses.

Since BIDE was launched, several employee resource groups (ERGs) have been developed.

These initial ERGs include Black Organizational Leadership and Development (BOLD), Women’s Impact Network (WIN), and Veteran Employee Team (VET).

BOLD is focused on inclusion, equity, education, and empowerment for Black employees and will assist leadership with communication, talent recruitment and retention, and promotion of Black employees. BOLD supports professional development by creating mentoring and sponsorship opportunities, increasing exposure through networking and career development events and sponsoring educational activities, such as lectures featuring distinguished speakers.

Similarly, WIN and VET aim to recruit, retain, develop and advance female and veteran leaders, respectively, across the UGI companies.

UGI recognizes that its BIDE Imperative must be organic, and continues to work with employees on the Imperative’s expansion.