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We Are UGI: Beautifying Shamokin

20 May 2024

UGI Utilities is dedicated to participating in environmental stewardship and food security initiatives, in an effort to support safe and sustainable communities. UGI Utilities employees recently spent their day helping to transform the Fifth Ward Community Garden in Shamokin, PA, ahead of its grand opening on May 19.

UGI Utilities employee Katie S. coordinated a team of employees from her office in Shamokin to participate in the garden clean-up as part of the Susquehanna Valley United Way Day of Action.

UGI employees stand in front of Fifth Ward Community Garden sign
Katie S., second from right

“I read an article in the local newspaper that the Shamokin Community Gardens organization was given a grant to rehab an abandoned lot into a community garden,” Katie recalled. “Being familiar with the volunteers of the Shamokin Community Gardens, I know it is a small handful of elderly women who work on these projects at the gardens as they can. I knew having our crew come to help them would make this project come to fruition much quicker. I love helping in our community, and especially helping at a project like this that brings an area of blight into a bright spot.”

Along with Shamokin Area Community Garden volunteers, employees helped to complete a variety of tasks including upgrading the shed with gutters, spouting and a rain barrel, creating a native plants garden, installing a hand-painted welcome sign, putting up posts and a lattice wall, and digging holes for informational signs throughout the gardens.

The Fifth Ward Community Garden will offer ten planting beds, including one wheelchair-accessible raised bed. In addition to beautifying the community, the garden will also encourage food security and nutrition as Shamokin residents will be able to grow their own food.

Thank you, Katie and the rest of the Shamokin team, for your hard work!

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