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We Are UGI: Supporting Our Neighbors

20 May 2024

UGI Utilities is dedicated to supporting safe and sustainable communities through our partnership with the American Red Cross and their Sound the Alarm campaign, which aims to reduce the number of home fire-related injuries by installing free smoke detectors and sharing home fire safety information.

Along with Red Cross and community volunteers, UGI Utilities employees recently helped to make 94 homes in Reading, PA safer by installing 289 smoke alarms. Life-saving fire safety information was also distributed to 364 residents.

UGI employees volunteering with the American Red Cross Sound the Alarm campaign
Marisa T., left

“This was my second time participating in a Sound the Alarm event with UGI,” said employee volunteer Marisa T. “While doing my first event we visited so many elderly residents who didn’t have the proper smoke detectors or didn’t have any smoke detectors at all. Most of them said that they can’t afford the extra expense. You never know when you could be in that situation in your life. I love this event because we have the chance to make homes safer and potentially save a life.”

In addition to volunteering at UGI-organized events, Marisa tries to volunteer once a month outside of work. She credits her grandmother for instilling that mindset in her as a young child.

“I will always give back to my community in any way possible,” she said. “I believe I started volunteering with my grandma when I was about 6 years old, and I have been doing it ever since.”

Each month, Marisa helps to support local shelters, veterans, and food pantries by donating supplies. Her family often supports veterans initiatives, including placing flags on graves during Memorial Day Weekend and participating in a Christmas party at their local VA hospital each year. She has also been involved with the American Legion Gregg Post #12, Modena Outreach Program, Salvation Army Food Pantry, and more.

Thank you, Marisa, for going above and beyond to help those in need in our community!

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