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CAP Video Transcript

  1. CAP Video Transcript

Interested in UGI’s Customer Assistance Program, also known as CAP?

On CAP you’ll receive three benefits: 

First, a fixed monthly payment based on:

  • Your household size
    • Income
    • And the average bill at your home

Second, CAP Credits for the difference between your actual usage bill and
what you have to pay on CAP.
When that usage bill is higher you’ll receive forgiveness.

And third, forgiveness on any past due balance you owe.

For example, if you are past due $936 before starting the program,
you’ll earn a forgivneess credit of 1/36th of the past due amount or $26 with each on-time payment.

You are not required to have a past due balance or meet a minimum debt level to enroll in CAP.

Two things to remember while on CAP.

Pay your CAP amount on time each month and recertify every year.

We also encourage you to apply for a LIHEAP grant each year,
which can provide free money towards your monthly CAP bill. 

And also apply for UGI’s weatherization program, LIURP, to make your home
more energy efficient and keep you comfortable all year long.

Still not sure if CAP is right for you?

Hear from customers who are current participants and saving money each month.

Hi, I am Dorothy. I am 67 years old with a monthly income of $805.10 from Social Security. After paying $400 a month in rent there’s not a lot left over for things like food, medicine, and utility bills. I started falling behind on my UGI bill because it was $140 every month. That’s when my daughter helped me enroll in the UGI CAP program. I now only have to pay $49 a month and I feel a lot less worried about falling behind again.

The CAP program helped my wife and I when I lost my job. Having only one income for our family was tough. We fell behind $1,200 on our UGI bill and felt stuck. Luckily, we were told about CAP and enrolled right away. I see the forgiveness credits on my monthly bill and we can
easily budget for our CAP amount of $132 a month. It’s a sigh of relief to be back on track.

I’m Sam, a single mom with 4 children. I work as a nurse and seemingly have a good job bringing home around $4,000 a month. When one of my children got sick, I started falling behind on my bills
and had to reduce my working hours.

I didn’t think I would qualify for assistance because I have a job, but because of my household size and income my social worker told me that I do qualify for CAP. She helped me apply and my payments went from $256 a month down to $211.

The extra $45 savings is a tank of gas or some groceries. I even see the forgiveness of the past due balance on my bill.

Every little bit of savings helps me feel more at ease.

Ready to apply?

Visit UGI.Com forward slash CAP or scan the QR code.

Check your household size and income to see if you’re eligible. Income is calculated before taxes.

Fill out the application found on UGI’s website and take it to the Community Based Organization in your area which is based on your zip code. 

You can also find your Community Based Organization on the website.

After you apply you can expect communication from your Community Based Organization
about your application, and if approved, you will receive a welcome letter in the mail from UGI.

Get started today.