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UGI Service Equipment Program

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Why is UGI inspecting electric service equipment?

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, electric service equipment was purchased and installed by UGI in a number of homes across our service area. The equipment typically included the service entrance cable, the external meter socket, the internal panel box, and the main breaker. Under a program approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), UGI will inspect the equipment, upgrade as necessary, and transfer ownership of the equipment to the property owner.

Must I allow UGI to inspect my electric service equipment?

Yes, under the provisions of the program, UGI must inspect and transition ownership of the electric service equipment to the current property owners. The program is mandatory for property owners where Company-owned equipment may be located. Because UGI is required to complete this program in a timely manner, UGI will take legal action to obtain access if necessary.

What does the program entail?

The program to transfer ownership of electric service equipment involves three components:

  • Evaluation – A qualified electrical contractor will verify the Company-owned service equipment has not been modified or replaced. If the original equipment is still present, the contractor will complete any upgrades necessary to meet current safety codes. Property owners are advised that any branch circuit breakers located on the electric panel under the main breaker are not owned by UGI.
  • Inspection – All work completed by the contractor is subject to an independent electrical inspection by a Code Official certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. This inspection if focused solely on the electric service equipment owned by UGI. There is no cost to the property owner for the evaluation, inspection and any necessary service upgrades.
  • Transfer – After the equipment has passed the electrical inspection, UGI will provide the property owner with ownership documents for the electric service equipment.
How do I know the person coming to my house is from UGI?

UGI recognizes this process can cause concern. The UGI electrical contractor will pre-schedule the appointment for the inspection and any additional maintenance with the property owner. In addition, all UGI representatives – both employees and contractors – will have official Company identification. We encourage you to ask to see the identification of any UGI representative seeking permission to enter your home. You may also contact UGI at 570-831-9567 to verify the identity of the UGI representative or ask any questions you may have about this program.

How do I benefit from this program?

UGI recognizes this inspection may cause an inconvenience for you. However, the inspection will either:

  • Confirm that your electric service equipment is in good working order and meets current safety codes, or
  • Will result in the upgrade or replacement of electric service equipment that is in unacceptable condition.

In either case, there is no cost to the property owner.