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How do I get assistance in understanding my utility bill?
What are the ways by which I can pay my bill?
Are there automated payment options to pay my bill?
What is the Budget Billing Plan?
Am I able to extend my payment date?
Is there assistance for customers who are temporarily unable to pay their utility bill?
How do I update my contact information?
How do I start or stop my service?
Can I view my utility usage and past bills/payments online?
Am I able to get alerts when my bill is due?
How can I save money in the future?
How do I change or reset my online account password?
What do I do if I experience log-in problems on www.UGI.com?
How do I pay online using my credit or debit card?
Where can I find my bank routing number?
If multiple addresses are registered with a single online account, how can I view the related information of each address?
Why is my bill higher than normal?
How do I download the UGI My Account app?
My UGI bill should be exempt from PA State Tax. Why is there tax reflected on the bill?
How do I find the average amount of natural gas I use per day?
What is the difference between distribution and commodity charges?

Customer Choice

Can UGI recommend a supplier?
How do I compare suppliers?
What are some of the questions I might ask a supplier?
Will I save money? How much?
How do I sign up with a supplier?
How do I change or cancel my supplier?
What is the difference between the distribution and commodity rates?

Email Correspondence

How can I opt-in to email delivery of account notifications?
How can I remove my consent for email delivery of account notifications?
What type of account notifications will I receive via email upon providing my consent to receive email notifications?
Will I continue to receive a paper copy via USPS if I consent to electronic delivery of account notifications?
Am I automatically enrolled in electronic delivery of account notifications?


If UGI is working at/near my house, will my gas service be interrupted?
Does UGI provide advance notice to residents who will be impacted by main/infrastructure replacement work?
Why was someone walking through my yard with a device?
Why did a contractor and not UGI do the work to install/repair the gas service line? Are the contractors equally qualified?
How long will the crew dig up my street?
Why are flaggers on my street?
Why are “no parking” signs on my street?
Why are paint markings and flags on my street/property?
Is UGI responsible for yard, sidewalk and driveway restoration?
When will UGI repair/repave the sidewalk in front of my property?
Why is there a crew working on my street?

Rebates & Savings

How do I participate?
When can I participate?
Why is UGI offering this program?
Who is eligible to participate in the Gas Equipment Rebate program?
Who is eligible to participate in the Electric Rebate program?
Does it matter what kind of equipment I am currently using to qualify?
How do I find a contractor to install my equipment?
Can I install the equipment myself?
How long will it take to receive my rebate check?
Can I get multiple rebates if I install multiple pieces of equipment?
How much energy will I save?
What if I am not a UGI Customer?
Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Switching to Natural Gas

I have propane equipment that is not that old. Can I convert it to natural gas?
Once the new gas service line and meter are installed, how long until my sidewalk is restored?
Will UGI dig up my yard or driveway to install the natural gas lines? If so, am I responsible for paying for any damage to my lawn or driveway?
Will I need to get gas line permits prior to the work being done on my property?
How much does natural gas line installation cost? Is there any other amount I am responsible for paying?
How long does it take to install a gas line?
Does UGI take care of the natural gas equipment installation or only the gas service?