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How do I find the average amount of natural gas I use per day?

03 Apr 2018

The midsection of every customer bill includes a graph that measures the average amount of energy your home or business uses. The graph tracks usage over the past 13 months to provide you with easy reference as to how much you have used during the year. Further assisting you in measuring your energy usage is a chart, located below the graph, listing your average daily usage. For residential natural gas customers, this is measured in CCF, or hundreds of cubic feet; for industrial and commercial customers, it is measured in MCF, or thousands of cubic feet. Electric is measured in kWh, or kilowatt hours. In addition, the daily temperature for the current billing month is listed against the same month the previous year. UGI calculates the average daily usage for customers by dividing either the CCF or MCF billed by the number of days in the bill cycle. To provide a daily temperature, UGI accumulates hourly temperatures from various locations. At the end of the day, a “gas day” average temperature is calculated for each of the areas by taking the weighted average of 24 hourly temperatures.