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Farmers Insurance Testimonial Video Transcript

  1. Farmers Insurance Testimonial Video Transcript

My name is Dave Mattei. I own Farmers Insurance here in Nazareth. And we provide personal lines like home, auto, life, small business insurance. I was worried about how much time it was going to take me, as the UGI customer, but it was a smooth transition. At the end of the day, it was shockingly amazing how fast and how they put everything back to 100% of the way it was. The money savings is amazing. My first year here at this house my oil was fifty-five hundred dollars, and I’ve received a 64% savings by switching to UGI and the natural gas. You hear these statistics all the time, and you hardly ever believe them. But, not only did I save this 64%, but it’s a lot cleaner. It’s quieter. It’s better for the house.