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Natural gas is one of the cleanest, most abundant and least expensive energy sources in Pennsylvania. Now UGI is helping to give more consumers greater access to natural gas and make the conversion process more affordable with the new GET Gas pilot program. The UGI Growth Extension Tariff (GET) is an innovative pilot program designed to provide natural gas service to regions without access today. The pilot program is available to homeowners and businesses within the UGI Utilities gas divisions (UGI Utilities Gas Division, UGI Penn Natural Gas and UGI Central Penn Gas).

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GET Gas makes extending natural gas utility lines to your property more affordable. Customers pay a monthly surcharge over a 10-year-period to cover the cost of the main and service extension rather than making a substantial up-front contribution. Plus, the typical GET Gas customer will be able to use a portion of the savings generated from converting to natural gas to significantly offset the surcharge.If you have looked at natural gas service in the past and it was not affordable, GET Gas may be an alternative for you. Since GET Gas is a pilot program, UGI will not be able to reach all areas or communities that are potential candidates for GET Gas. And, not all areas qualify for the pilot program.Some factors that are considered for GET Gas qualification include:

  • Proximity to existing gas mains
  • Housing and business density
  • Percentage of households and businesses likely to convert to natural gas
  • Road restoration and permitting fees
  • Funding available under the pilot program

In addition to the comfort and warmth of eco-friendly natural gas, there are economical benefits as well. The cost savings of converting to natural gas are significant. The charts below show the potential average annual cost savings of natural gas including the GET Gas monthly surcharge.

Average Annual Residential Savings by Switching to Natural Gas under the GET Gas Program

2015 three tables - GET Gas

Natural gas costs based on UGI Utilities rates as of March 2015. Savings may vary based on occupants per home and variations in fuel usage.

For a personalized savings estimate (including the GET Gas monthly surcharge), please use our GET Gas Online Savings Calculator. GET Gas surcharge is included in the Gas Customer Surcharge on the results page.