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How To Switch To Natural Gas


Make the switch to natural gas, UGI makes it easy. Simply follow these five easy steps to enjoy the comfort and warmth of natural gas.
  1. Check for gas availability: Check the availability of natural gas in your area or call UGI at (800) 276-2722.
  2. Calculate your cost savings: Use our home heating savings calculator to see how much you’ll save. 
  3. Explore financing and tax incentives: Get information on various financing and tax incentives
  4. Convert your home to natural gas:  Your personal UGI conversion representative will walk you through the conversion process. Generally, there are a few steps to understand when converting your home to natural gas:
    • Getting Started
      To begin, we will design our gas service to meet your equipment needs and provide an estimated timing and cost (if any) for the installation of the natural gas service line.  Once you’ve made the decision to switch to natural gas, you’ll receive a Customer Agreement letter which you’ll sign and return to get the process started.
    • Utility locates
      You will see some painted marks on or near your property. These locate your water, phone, sewer, and electrical lines and the gas main in the street. UGI will select the best proposed route for the new gas service line to your house, as well as, the meter location. 
    • Your service line
      The UGI crew will install the service line from the street to your home. If digging is required, UGI will backfill the hole, but we are not responsible for private lawn restoration.
    • Your new gas equipment
      Select a contractor to install your high-efficiency natural gas appliance(s) and connect the equipment to the meter. To find a contractor, use our HVAC contractor locator.  
    • Activating your gas service
      When you are ready, either UGI or your contractor will activate your gas service.
  5. Sign up for payment options: UGI offers payment options like budget billing and online payments to make paying your gas bill easy and affordable. Take advantage of these exclusive customer benefits.


Now you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of natural gas. Spread the word and share your story with us on Facebook.