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Natural Gas Dryers

Dry Your Clothes in Half the Time

  1. What is Natural Gas Used for?
  2. Natural Gas Dryers

Look Great for Less Money

Drying your clothes with a natural gas dryer saves you time and money. A natural gas dryer heats up faster than an electric one and provides many other valuable benefits.

Two for One

You can dry two loads of laundry with a gas dryer for about the same cost as drying one load with an electric dryer.


With fewer moving parts than an electric dryer, natural gas dryers are less likely to break down, and they last an average of 12 years.


Faster heat-up and shorter drying times mean it’s gentler on fabrics, so your clothing lasts longer. Better temperature control means fewer wrinkles, and moisture sensors in gas dryers prevent over-drying of fabrics (virtually eliminating static cling).