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Natural Gas Fireplaces

Create a Warm and Cozy Space Without the Mess

  1. What is Natural Gas Used for?
  2. Natural Gas Fireplaces

All Comfort, No Hassle

Natural gas hearth products provide all the charm and elegance of wood burning models but without the mess and hassle. Simplicity, convenience, and efficiency—once you try gas, you’ll never go back to wood.

Hassle-Free Convenience

No wood to chop, store or carry, and no ashes to clean up. Gas logs are also an affordable way to revamp a wood-burning fireplace.

Ease of Use

“Instant on” ambiance at the touch of a button or flick of a switch; “instant off” feature lets you go to sleep peacefully knowing the flames are out.


With efficiency ratings as high as 75%, natural gas fireplaces and free-standing stoves are economical ways to heat specific rooms or areas of a home.

Peace of Mind

No sparking or hot ash, no creosote or chimney build-up. And, if the power goes out, your gas fireplace can be a back-up heat source.

Added Home Value

New home buyers rank hearth products among the top three most desirable features in a home. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace increases your home’s value by approximately 12%.