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Natural Gas Generators

Backup Energy You Won't Need to Refuel

  1. What is Natural Gas Used for?
  2. Natural Gas Generators

Ready When You Need It Most

Life doesn’t stop during power outages. When the power goes out, you’ll be prepared to go about your daily tasks comfortably because you’ve installed a natural gas generator.


Whether you need power for vital health equipment, to see where you're going, or to maintain your home's security system, natural gas generators keep your mind at ease even during long power outages.


Natural gas generators keep your air conditioning and heating systems working even during the peak hours of summer or winter.


In a power outage, natural gas generators return your home to power in just seconds, even when you're not at home. All your equipment and necessities stay on including your refrigerator and freezer which means your food won't spoil.


Natural gas generators run from your existing natural gas service. Your home will never run out of gas, and your backup generator won't need to be refueled.