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Martin Testimonial Video Transcript

  1. Martin Testimonial Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Carol Martin. I’ve grown up in Denver, PA. I lived here all my life, and I currently live in this house with my husband, my daughter, and my grandson.

When we moved into the house, it was October so it was starting to get cold. And when we got our first electric bill, it was astronomical and decided that we can’t afford to have electric heat. We were doing the chopping wood, bringing it into our wood stove, and as we were getting older it was just becoming harder and harder. Before we got natural gas, it was very cold in our upstairs. There were times where I could even see my breath in the bedroom because the wood stove was not reaching upstairs. And we did not want to turn on the thermostat because we did not want to pay those bills.

The process to switch over to natural gas was very easy. We made a phone call to UGI. They set up an appointment. They came out. Since we switched to the natural gas, we don’t have to worry about the heat anymore. It’s the best decision we’ve made.