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Infrastructure FAQ's

There are instances where gas service must be interrupted. If your gas service is turned off, a UGI employee will need to get into the house to restore service. Be sure to ask for ID. Learn more about asking for ID to protect yourself from scams.

UGI makes every attempt to contact residents who will be affected by any work being done. However, there may be times when advance notice is not possible. If you are a UGI customer, please update your contact information, including your daytime, evening and cellular numbers by logging into your online account.

The Public Utility Commission (PUC) mandates surveys of services and mains, so you may see a person walking through a yard with a survey instrument. The person would be from UGI or our subcontractor, Heath Consultants, and will have ID.

UGI uses subcontractors for large projects and to assist with seasonal work variations. UGI and its subcontractors receive thorough training on properties of natural gas, gas distribution facilities, special tooling and personal protective equipment. UGI provides programs to maintain and enhance the skills of its construction workforce. Please rest assured that we are only using qualified contractors in compliance with federal and state regulations and industry standards regarding natural gas pipeline operations. All contractor crews are trained to these specifications and regularly checked to verify their qualifications. UGI inspectors also ensure contractor compliance.

Length of work varies based on the type of job and is also impacted by weather. With residential conversions, it usually takes one to three days for the installation of the gas service line. Main replacements in a residential area on a large block generally take three weeks to a month.

For the safety of our crews and residents, UGI tries to close roads when working. However, if closing a road is not an option, we often rely on flaggers to help control traffic flow and keep the roads, our employees and contractors safe.

Our parking signs state the hours and times when parking within the designated area is prohibited. Outside of those hours, people are permitted to park. However, you must move your car again when UGI comes back to do work. If there are any questions or concerns, please ask to speak with the crew foreman. Handicap needs will always be accommodated.

If you don’t see any crews, please know that sometimes signs are posted but the crew is not available on that day due to unforeseen weather issues or a schedule change. If parking signs, limiting parking, are up for over three business days and weather was nice, please call UGI. Otherwise abide by the signs.

All utilities, including UGI, must mark lines prior to anticipated construction. Excavators or anyone digging must call Pennsylvania One Call at least three days before excavation. Call 811 is a good source of information regarding protecting utility lines.

Markings are required for any purpose including utility work, building a pool, installing a fence and so on. You can ask the locator (person marking lines) why lines are being marked in or around your area. Each color corresponds to what is buried below ground:

  • Red – Electric
  • Orange – Communications, telephone/CATV
  • Blue – Potable water
  • Green – Sewer/drainage
  • Yellow – Gas/petroleum pipeline
  • Purple – Reclaimed water
  • White – Premark site of intended excavation

When UGI is performing main maintenance/replacement work, we handle any restoration of yard, sidewalk, or driveways that are disturbed in the construction process unless the municipality has previous plans to pave.

For other types of construction, there are instances where restoration is the customer’s responsibility. Your UGI Sales Representative can explain any items that are the customer’s responsibility.

If the sidewalk or street is disturbed and it is UGI’s responsibility to make final restoration (see above FAQ), UGI will immediately backfill it with sand and stone to avoid any safety hazards. We then need to wait a minimum of 90 days to allow for the settlement of materials before repairing the sidewalk or repaving the street. This work is also seasonal and cannot be completed in the late fall/winter months. Final repair/repaving can take three months to a year. Your safety is our top priority. If you identify any hazards, please contact UGI and we will expedite paving or repairs or redo the temporary paving or repair until permanent restoration can be done.

There are a variety of reasons why a UGI crew might be working on your street, including infrastructure/main replacement, installation of gas services and leak checks. Crews will have identification on them. If you have questions, please ask to speak to the crew foreman.