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  1. Rate Filing

On Friday, January 27, 2023, UGI Electric has requested an overall rate increase of $11.4 million per year.

Please use the links on this page to view the notice to customers, as well as the documents filed with the PUC by UGI Electric on January 27th.

The filing can also be viewed by searching for Docket Number R-2022-3037368 on the Pennsylvania Utility Commission Website.

Download Book I

Index, Statements, and Standard Data Requests

Download Book II

Direct Testimony Nos. 1-5

Download Book III

Direct Testimony Nos. 6-10

Download Book IV

Exhibits A, B, & E

Download Book V

Exhibit C: Depreciation Study - Fully Projected 2024

Download Book VI

Exhibit C: Depreciation Study - Future 2023

Download Book VII

Exhibit C: Depreciation Study - Historic 2022

Download Book VIII

Exhibit D: Cost of Service Study

Download Book IX

Current Tariffs

Download Book X

Proposed Supplement No. 51 and 7