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Custom Incentive Program

Financial Incentives & Assistance with Energy Efficiency Projects for Businesses

  1. Electric Business Rebates
  2. Custom Incentive Program

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UGI Electric’s Commercial & Industrial Custom Incentive Program offers incentives to help customers reduce their energy use by improving the efficiency of their equipment and facility.

To get started, download and submit a Custom Application Form (PDF) for pre-approval prior to starting your project:

If You Have Any Questions, Please Call 262-999-2613 or Email ugicustom@franklinenergy.com.


Whether you’re planning to retrofit inefficient equipment, start a new construction project, launch a major renovation, purchase new equipment, replace equipment
at the end of its lifespan, or make operational improvements, UGI can offer your business:

  • Technical assistance to identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities, calculate energy savings and implement best practices for energy efficiency solutions
  • Financial incentives that cover up to 50% of the incremental project cost, calculated based on $0.08/kwh for UGI Electric small business customers and $0.05/kwh for UGI Electric large business customers, and up to $100,000 per customer, per calendar year
  • Flexibility to have the work done by your in-house staff or a contractor of your choice
  • Choice to have incentives paid to you or to your service provider

By improving your energy efficiency, you can:

  • Turn energy savings into profits
  • Reduce operating requests and costs
  • Enhance workplace productivity
  • Enhance the quality and comfort of work spaces
  • Do something good for the environment

Qualified Projects could Include:

Lighting and lighting control upgrades, HVAC improvements, motors and drive upgrades, process improvements, energy management systems, refrigeration systems, and compressed air improvements.

Project Spotlights:

LCCC Lighting Upgrade
Luzerne County Community College (LCCC) replaced more than 7,000 lighting fixtures and lamps with LED lights within seventeen buildings, walkways and parking lots. This lighting upgrade is expected to reduce annual electricity use by 936,000 kWh.

UGI Rebate: $100,000 | Annual Savings: $60,000
Lighting Upgrade
Misericordia University installed 366 high-efficiency lamps in its Mary Kintz Bevevino Library. High-efficiency lighting was also installed in the new Trocaire Building. This upgrade is expected to save them nearly 150,000 kWh of annual electricity use.

UGI Rebate: $17,838 | Annual Savings: >$10,000
Dallas Auto Parts
Lighting Upgrade
Paul McCue, Jr. worked with his contractor to replace his old fluorescent lighting with 39 high efficiency LED fixtures at his 4,000 squarefoot retail space. These upgrades not only reduce his energy usage, saving him hundreds annually, but also provide a much brighter and cleaner appearance to his store.

UGI Rebate: $500 | Annual Savings: $500

How to Get Started:

1. Speak with an Energy Advisor

If you don’t already have a project in mind, the first step is to have one of our energy advisors help you identify and prioritize energy saving opportunities. You can reach us at 262-999-2613 or UGIcustom@FranklinEnergy.com.

UGI Electric is also pleased to partner with local Trade Allies to promote energy efficiency services to our business customers. Trade Allies help raise awareness of our energy efficiency programs and inform customers about the opportunities and incentives available.

2. Submit Pre-Approval Application Package

Submit a complete pre-approval application package to the Program Team for review and approval.

All custom projects require pre-approval before you purchase and install equipment. We will verify project eligibility and estimated energy savings and calculate to determine the potential incentive. View all pre-approval package requirements on application.

If you are submitting a lighting project, you also need to submit the PA 2021 TRM Appendix C Worksheet.

If you are submitting a motor & VFD project, you will also need to submit the PA 2021 TRM Appendix D Worksheet.

3. Perform Pre-Installation Visit and Complete Project

We will perform a pre-installation site visit to verify the existing equipment and operating conditions. Once pre-approval is granted, complete your project as proposed.

4. Submit Final Approval Application Package

After completion, notify the Program Team and submit a final application package for final review and to schedule a post-installation site visit. Final application package includes:

  • Completed and signed final application
  • Itemized project invoice(s) with labor and material breakdown
  • Final Worksheets, if changes required
  • Final equipment specifications (cut sheets), if changes required

Program participants must submit a completed application within 180 days of the measure’s installation date. Once this is complete, you will receive your incentive check and begin saving energy.

Through UGI’s Commercial & Industrial Custom Incentive Program, you can take advantage of energy- and cost saving solutions for projects that include:

• Retrofits of inefficient equipment

• New construction

• Major renovation and remodeling

• New equipment purchases

• Equipment replacements

• Operations and maintenance improvements

The program is open to all new and existing UGI Electric commercial and industrial customers, including government and municipal customers.