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Safe Appliance Connectors

Ensure Your Appliance Connectors Are Up-to-Date

Gas appliance connectors are corrugated metal tubes used to connect natural gas appliances to natural gas supply pipes.  If you have natural gas appliances that have been in operation for more than 20 years, it is possible your connector needs to be replaced.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, uncoated brass flexible gas connectors need to be replaced by a qualified plumber, HVAC or appliance repair contractor.  DO NOT attempt to move appliances to check the connectors by yourself.

Acceptable connectors include:

  • Plastic-coated brass
  • Uncoated stainless steel
  • Plastic-coated stainless steel (can be gray or yellow)

Connectors are not acceptable if:

  • Tubing has broken off of the end piece
  • Tubing has corroded, causing a hole
  • All uncoated brass connectors need to be replaced, even if there is no visible defect

Your safety is our priority.

  • Request a free “Scratch and Sniff” booklet that contains the smell of natural gas
  • Learn about Carbon Monoxide safety
  • If you smell natural gas, or have an electric emergency, contact us