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Saylor House Testimonial Video Transcript

  1. Saylor House Testimonial Video Transcript

My name is Jennifer, and I own Saylor House. We’re located in Wyomissing. We are a home furnishings and interior design shop. We also do home staging, and we are also a great place to buy a gift. The day that we decided the oil heating had to go, it was 23 degrees outside, and I came to work, and we had no heat because we had run out of heating oil. I felt that the oil heat and the process of gauging and measuring the amount of oil that you have is very antiquated. We decided to switch over because in the long run, it’s going to save us money. It was very little work and very little hassle for us, and we’ve already saved a considerable amount of money. We started to see savings on our heating bills immediately. Right now, we’re probably saving about 30% a month on heating. Having natural gas has been more convenient, less expensive and much more reliable for our business.