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The Reading Wizard Video Transcript

  1. The Reading Wizard Video Transcript

[Woman is reading book to children]

Once upon a time in a faraway place, there lived a young wizard. He was very smart, but he still didn’t know what kind of wizard he wanted to be. Just as some children want to grow up to be doctors or nurses, lawyers, pilots, or astronauts, wizards want to do something special too. Some wizards perform magic. Some give advice to kings and queens. Others teach at the school for young wizards. This young wizard roamed the countryside looking for just the right thing to do.

One day, he found a book sitting next to a large rock. He sat on the grass, leaned against the rock and began reading. He finally fell asleep with the book still in his hands. From that day on, the young wizard loved books.

As time went on, he got even smarter. Wherever he went, he read. In time, he had read all the books the world had to offer. Through reading, the wizard learned everything there was to know because the wizard enjoyed reading. He knew many things. People came from far and wide to meet him and ask questions. The wizard gave away books so people could learn the magic of reading. Every time the wizard’s wand came close to a book, it glowed brightly just to show how magical a book can be. So while people called him the purple wizard or the bearded wizard, what do you think everyone finally named him?

[Woman to Children]: What do you think?

[Children]: The Reading Wizard!

[Children applaud]

Great job! That’s right. Reading, after all, was just what he did so the Reading Wizard was just the right name for him.

Now the Reading Wizard takes the magic of words to young boys and girls (he calls them princes and princesses) in schools everywhere. He helps children find worlds of knowledge and the joy of learning through books. Children have found that books can take them anywhere. They travel to other cities and countries, to farms and oceans, even to jungles through the books they read. Books can help you learn about people, about animals, and many other things. Books can help us become wise. Reading books is also fun. We might not become quite like the Reading Wizard, but we can all learn more and more and more. Together, the Reading Wizard and children discover the magic of reading.

The End.