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Wise Testimonial Video Transcript

  1. Wise Testimonial Video Transcript

My name is Caleb Wise. I live in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania with my wife Kim. We have a four-month-old son named Owen, and we recently switch to natural gas with UGI. We switched this winter. We had previously oil, and it was costing us a lot. We had to keep refilling the tanks. And I wanted something that was more energy efficient and that was going to be much more cost-effective in the long run.

And we’ve had about a 25% savings already on our heating bill. We knew we were having a baby in February, and we couldn’t keep the house freezing cold all winter. So we knew if we were going to keep oil and have the house much hotter that our energy bill would have been through the roof. So not only did we have an energy savings, we kept the house six or seven degrees warmer during the winter. And it was more consistent heat vs when we had it on the oil. We know the heat is going to be consistent. We know we’re not going to run out. And the cost is still so much cheaper running gas vs oil.