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Zeis Testimonial Video Transcript

  1. Zeis Testimonial Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Tony Zeis. We live here in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I live here with my wife Beth. We’ve lived here for seven years and just recently switched to natural gas with UGI. As soon as we switched to natural gas, when the heat turned on, you could feel it immediately. The house heated up a lot faster. We used to have to schedule our people to take their showers so that we wouldn’t run out. I’ve never run out of hot water with my natural gas hot water heater, and I would switch again tomorrow if I had to. I’ve saved on my fuel bills. The hassle I was anticipating wasn’t there. They didn’t tear up my yard. Now I’ve got a lot more room in my basement. And my guests don’t have to wait to sit and take a shower, so I’d switch if I were you. I’d switch today if you could.