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Safety and Service Checklist

31 Jan 2024

UGI Utilities is committed to delivering safe and reliable service to our more than 700,000 customers. To help make this happen, we urge customers to follow this safety and service checklist.

  • Smell Gas, Act Fast!

An additive called Mercaptan gives natural gas a rotten egg or sulfur smell. If you believe you smell this odor, act fast. Evacuate immediately. Move at least the length of a football field away from the building and call UGI at 800-276-2722 or 911. Don’t turn anything on or off or use your cell phone until you’ve reached a safe distance away. You can get a natural gas/methane detector from your local hardware store. You can also request a free scratch and sniff brochure at  https://www.ugi.com/forms/request-scratch-sniff-brochures to better understand what natural gas smells like. Additional natural gas safety tips can be found at https://www.ugi.com/natural-gas-safety/leak-detection.

  • Report Power Outages and Downed Lines

Never approach or touch a downed power line. To report power outages or a downed line, call UGI. If you are near a downed line, keep your feet together and shuffle or bunny hop away.

You can find more electric safety tips at https://www.ugi.com/electric-safety/tips.

  • Have Working Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure working carbon monoxide detectors, with fresh batteries, are on each floor of your home, including one in each bedroom.  Carbon monoxide detectors have a limited operating life. If it beeps only every 30 seconds, or displays an ERR or END message, it needs to be replaced. Most Carbon Monoxide detectors last between 7 to 10 years. Check manufacturer’s guidance for details on the life expectancy of your detector. If there is an unsafe level of carbon monoxide, and your detector goes off, evacuate immediately and call UGI or 911.

  • Natural Gas Flame Should Burn Blue

A gas flame should be primarily blue, with possible yellowing only at the tip of the flame. If the flame is primarily yellow or orange, turn off the appliance and call UGI. The appliance will be shut off and will need to be repaired by a contractor. Natural gas fireplaces are an exception to this rule, and the flames can burn yellow or red.

  • Gas Appliance Not Working? Check Others First

If an appliance stops working, before assuming there is an issue with your gas service, first check other gas-burning appliances to see if they are operating normally. UGI does not fix appliances, but we can help you find a HVAC contractor through this link: https://www.ugi.com/find-hvac-contractor.

Please remember, never hesitate to call UGI during a natural gas or electric emergency, especially if you think you smell gas. Our number is 800-276-2722. Making sure your service is safe and reliable is our priority. This commitment gives you the energy to do more.