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Budget Billing Plan

No More Surprises, Know What Your Bill Will Be Each Month

If your electric or gas usage varies widely from month to month or is seasonal, Budget Billing may be a good option for you. Budget Billing allows you to spread your UGI costs evenly throughout the year.

Here’s How Budget Billing Works:

  • UGI will estimate your annual usage and spread the amount evenly over the Budget Billing Plan period to calculate your monthly bill amount.
  • Your monthly Budget Billing payment may be adjusted every three months to keep the payment in line with your actual energy usage. UGI compares the amount of energy actually used with the amount that was estimated and determines if an adjustment to your monthly payment is necessary. Your monthly bill amount may also be adjusted up or down based on changes in UGI’s rates.
  • At the end of the 12th month, if there is a difference between what you’ve paid and your actual usage, we’ll settle your account.

In order to go on the Budget Billing Plan your account must be paid up to date. Continued participation requires that payments be made on or before the due date each month.

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AutoPay Plan

Save time and money with AutoPay.

With the AutoPay Plan you can have your UGI bill amount automatically transferred from your Checking or Savings account each month.

Here’s How AutoPay Plan Works:

When you enroll, your bank will transfer – from either your checking or savings account – the exact amount of your monthly utility bill to UGI on the due date of the bill.

Enroll in the AutoPay:

Visit the UGI Online Account Portal, create a profile and enroll in AutoPay. Note: If you are already registered for the eBill account – sign in on the homepage, click on Billing, and then click Auto Pay (link on left).