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Gas Commercial Water Heating Equipment

  1. Using Natural Gas for Businesses
  2. Gas Commercial Water Heating Equipment

Cut Costs and Carbon Emissions in Half

Natural gas water heaters are available in tank and tankless styles. On average, tank style water heaters are 50% more efficient than electric and tankless style water heaters are 60% more efficient than electric. Both options offer low, annual carbon emissions—half that of electric.

Natural Gas Tank and Tankless Unit Benefits Include:


Conventional natural gas water heaters heat water three times faster than electric water heaters which allows for faster heat recovery for more hot water on demand.


Natural gas water heaters cost half as much to operate versus electric water heaters.

Environmental Impact

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available. Natural gas water heating systems reduce carbon emissions by up to 57% and reduce nitrous oxide emissions by up to 77% compared to electric water heaters.

Peace of Mind

Many conventional natural gas water heating systems do not require power, so you can continue your daily work even during a power outage.

Tankless Takes Water Heating a Step Further

They deliver higher efficiency ratings, have no storage tank standby losses and supply instant hot water resulting in more energy savings.