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Natural Gas Stoves

The Perfect Recipe for Cooking

  1. What is Natural Gas Used for?
  2. Natural Gas Stoves

Better Tasting Food, Cooked Fast

Nothing beats the quality, convenience and efficiency of cooking with natural gas. You don’t have to be a professional chef to understand that using natural gas in your kitchen provides more even heat and better temperature control while reducing your monthly energy bill.

Precision and Control

Precise temperature control and even heat distribution mean better-prepared, tastier food. Probably why 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas (per the Professional Chef’s Association).

Instant and Fast

Burners on a gas cooktop turn on instantly and heat up faster than an electric range.

Savings and Value

Today’s appliances use electronic ignition, eliminating the need for pilot lights and saving up to 30% in energy costs. On average, natural gas ranges last six years longer than their electronic counterparts.

Peace of Mind

The visible flame and instant on/off function of a gas range are important safety features for your family. If your power goes out, you can still make hot meals using your gas cooktop.