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Appliance Recycling Program

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Get a $75 Recycling Rebate

UGI will pay you to get rid of your old, inefficient refrigerator or freezer*. We’ll pick it up and recycle it for you.

Please Note: Until further notice, UGI is not accepting new enrollments for appliance pickups. You may add yourself to a waitlist, and we will contact you once the program resumes.

To be placed on the waitlist or for any questions, please email Thank you for your understanding.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Email

*Refrigerator must be 10-30 cubic feet in size, clean, empty, defrosted, and in working condition. This rebate is only available to UGI Electric residential customers. Please read full Terms and Conditions on scheduling page.

Why Recycle Your Fridge?

Clean Up Your Home and Energy Usage

You could be saving $110 a year in electric costs by removing that old refrigerator taking up energy and space in your garage or basement. Your old kitchen refrigerator is also using twice as much electricity as a new, more efficient model.

No Transportation Necessary

UGI will come pick up your refrigerator! Not only are you making $75, we're taking care of the transportation and recycling at no cost.

Additional Rebate Available

Get an extra $50 rebate when you recycle a room air conditioner or dehumidifier at the same time as your refrigerator or freezer.

Replace Your Old Fridge with an Energy Efficient One

If all old refrigerators in the U.S. were replaced with ENERGY STAR® models, we would save nearly $275 million in annual energy costs and prevent more than 5.2 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually, equivalent to the emissions of 500,000 cars. UGI also offers another $50 rebate when purchasing an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator. Learn more.

Customers who are income-qualified may be eligible for free, comprehensive usage reduction services. To learn more about enrollment in UGI’s Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP), please call 800-UGI-WARM.