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Avoid Disconnection With Third Party Notification

Need help remembering to pay your bill? You can elect a third party to receive past due and shut-off notices.

  • You may choose anyone in the United States – a friend, relative or even a social service agency – to be contacted (by mail or phone) with any past-due or shut-off notices on your account.
  • Both you and the third party must sign a form stating you both agree to the notification process.
  • The third party isn’t responsible for paying your bills. We simply give the person you designate a chance to remind you to pay your UGI bill.
  • Customers who are ill, elderly, handicapped, away from home for a long period, or those who don’t always remember to pay their bills can benefit from this program.

Download the Third Party Enrollment Form

Residential customers on a fixed income may be eligible for the Due Date Extension Program.