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Natural Gas for Clothes Drying

Look Great for Less Money

Drying your clothes with a natural gas dryer saves you time and money. A natural gas dryer heats up faster than an electric one and provides many other valuable benefits.

  • Dry two loads for the price of one: you can dry two loads of laundry with a gas dryer for about the same cost as drying one load with an electric dryer.
  • Reliability: With fewer moving parts than an electric dryer, natural gas dryers are less likely to break down, and they last an average of 12 years.
  • Your clothes benefit too! Faster heat-up and shorter drying times mean it’s gentler on fabrics, so your clothing lasts longer. Better temperature control means fewer wrinkles. And, moisture sensors in gas dryers prevent over-drying of fabrics (virtually eliminates static cling).

Get the best value with your gas dryer by following these helpful tips:

  • Use the fast-spin cycle on your washer to remove as much water as possible from laundry before loading the dryer.
  • Clean out your dryer’s lint filter after every load.  This will improve air circulation and save energy.
  • Use your dryer’s cool-down cycle.  This saves energy by using the residual heat in the dryer to finish drying the clothes.
  • Dry full, but not oversized loads.  This is more energy-efficient than drying smaller loads or overloading the machine.  Air needs to circulate through the laundry freely.
  • Be sure to inspect your dryer vent periodically to ensure it is not blocked.  This will save drying time and energy.