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Natural Gas for the Hearth

All Comfort, No Hassle

Homeowners love the warmth and ambiance of a glowing fire.  Natural gas hearth products provide all the charm and elegance of wood burning models but without the mess and hassle. Simplicity, convenience, and efficiency – once you try gas, you’ll never go back to wood.

  • Hassle-free convenience – Choosing gas means no wood to chop, store, or carry, and no ashes to clean up.
  • Ease of Use – “Instant on” ambiance at the touch of a button or flick of a switch; “instant off” feature lets you go to sleep peacefully knowing the flames are out.
  • Efficiency – With efficiency ratings as high as 75%, natural gas fireplaces are an economical way to heat specific rooms or areas of a home.
  • Peace of Mind – No sparking or hot ash, no creosote or chimney build-up means a safer option for your family.  And if the power goes out, your gas hearth product can be a back-up heat source.

Where utility meets versatility

New home buyers rank hearth products among the top three most desirable features in a home.  Available in a wide range of types and styles, it’s easy to find a gas hearth product that’s perfect for your home.

  • Gas fireplaces are the most popular hearth product and add significantly to the value of any home.  According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace increases your home’s value by approximately 12%.
  • Gas logs are an affordable way to revamp a wood-burning fireplace.  Gas logs offer dramatic realism, including the rustic look of charred wood and glowing embers.
  • Freestanding stoves can be used to heat a specific area of a house.  Gas stoves are very efficient and allow precise control of the fire and heat output.
  • Outdoor hearth products extend your backyard living season.  Outdoor hearth products range from fire pits to elaborately styled fireplaces.